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Submitted on
November 15, 2012
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Don't Hurt Us! Please! by Marlakyokitty Don't Hurt Us! Please! by Marlakyokitty
Alot of shading = Awesome
Yup. New fursona .3.
I hope I get alot of favorites
and comments and crap XDD
Because I worked on this for 2 hours LOL
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4LunaEclipse Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have been a little confused about this for a while, but where are the purple cat's eyes? :P
Marlakyokitty Feb 24, 2013   Filmographer
Man look harder xD his tail is curled around the face his eyes are above the tail looking like he's wearing a mask.
4LunaEclipse Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I see now. ._. i had to zoom in. sorry XD
Marlakyokitty Feb 24, 2013   Filmographer
It's okay xD
Mewblu Nov 17, 2012  Student Filmographer
ok firstly why is this a print
actually on that thought why is EVERYTHING IN YOUR GALLERY A PRINT
and secondly
you say you put a lot of work into this so maybe try to make it LOOK LIKE IT or something
the background is full of white spaces and the shading on the characters is pretty sloppy
i suggest you look at tutorials for light sources and maybe practice that more
because believe me when i say this, it doesnt matter how good or bad the lineart is, but if the shading is great, then people will love your art
Marlakyokitty Nov 17, 2012   Filmographer
um, Actually
I'm use to this sometimes
I really don't care if people hate this or not ._.
I'm talented in my way of art to many people
So what if I don't have good lineart?
I'm not trying to copy someone's style to be honest
it's just the way I draw
And the only reason why I print is because someone always prints my art and hangs it in there room (for some reason I don't really get that, I just make it a print)
Honestly, i'm good in my style
i'm glad you like it though
but i'm still practicing
I just wanted to say that for people to like because it took 2 hours possible 3 maybe
but still :/
I don't really need tutorials if I know how to draw...
Even if my lines are not as straight as people want them.
Mewblu Nov 17, 2012  Student Filmographer
tutorials are always there to help dude!! i also know how to draw and all but i really just wasnt improving at all till i started seeing how other people did their work through their tutorials (take :iconpurplekecleon:'s colour tutorial for instance) and that was just last week, and i already see my art improving! keep on truckin

also that seems a little creepy because you make it sound like its always the same person who buys your prints.... is it??
Marlakyokitty Nov 17, 2012   Filmographer
I improve by going to art classes...
I take tutorials there XDD
But dude I see my self improving everyday even if I dont have them correctly

And yes, its the same person, If I were you I would be Beware of her
Mewblu Nov 17, 2012  Student Filmographer
your art classes are better than mine then because all my classes do is teach about old dead artists and make us draw pencil realism stuff and dont even help us
so the tutorials help for those like me haha
when i was a beginner at art i also saw myself constantly improving but yknow, after about 7 years of it you just stop seeing it :(

oh gosh who is it
Marlakyokitty Nov 17, 2012   Filmographer
Yeah I suppose so :P
I bet you'll improve ^^ after 7 years you should get better

And its fox ewe
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